Dog Grooming Equipment – What Do You Need?

Whether you show your dog or are looking to save some money you can groom your pet at home with the right dog grooming equipment and tools.

A complete grooming kit will contain brushes, combs, clippers, and tools to help you care for your dogs’ health and appearance.

If you are interested in grooming your own pet at home the quantity of items required isn’t too high compared to that of someone looking to start a pet grooming business. Though there are specific items that the home groomer should invest in and it is necessary to tailor these items to your specific breed or breeds of dog that you have.


Dog grooming table

One of the first items that you should invest in is the grooming table.  The table is regarded as one of the most important elements of grooming a dog as it serves a few necessary functions. It is the foundation for all the effort you will put into keeping your dog looking lovely.

There are a variety of tables available that perform different functions so it is advised that you consider which of the features available will be useful to you. Is it necessary for you to have a large hydraulic table or would a smaller fold-up table suffice? The cost of the table will differ depending on what you select.

A table is highly recommended as it helps ensure your dog is at a perfect height for you to work on their fur, feet, and nails. It helps to keep your dog stationary as well as help eliminate back pain from bending over and crouching for periods of time.



The most important fact about dog brushes is that one size doesn’t fit all.

Dog brushes are tailored for specific breeds and the task required.


Undercoat rakes

This is a must-have item for dogs who shed their fur. It consists of 1 row of metal prongs that remove the dead fur from the undercoat of your dog’s fur.
De-matting Rakes: This is a smaller version of the undercoat rake and consists of smaller prongs. It is designed to remove the mat from a dog’s fur.
Pin brush: This is perfect for removing dead hair and minor tangles in your dog’s fur. There are usually two types, those with or without rubber-tipped prongs.  This brush is excellent for dogs that have a medium-length coat, a wire coat, or a wavy/curly coat.



Slicker brush

This brush removes fur mats /tangles from all coat types. It helps remove dead hair from the undercoat as well as the outer coat and is typically used after a pin brush or rake.



These are designed to help make the grooming of your dog’s coat much easier. There are various brands out there that differ in price and efficiency for the task of grooming. It consists of a rechargeable or corded blade with comb attachments. The blades on the clipper can be changed depending on the breed or type of cut you desire. The higher the number of the blade the shorter the cut and the lower the number the longer the cut of the hair.

It is advised that unless you are a professional groomer you don’t use a blade higher in number than a 10 as you are approaching the risk of cutting your pet or burning their skin (15 and above is considered a surgical cut).

There are breed and blade cut charts available for guidelines.



Scissors will be the tool that you will probably use the most, so it’s important that you buy a quality product. We’ve already written extensively about how to use dog grooming scissors and which one to buy – check our dog grooming scissors guide.



These are useful for detangling fur or gently brushing out mats in the dog’s hair. They come in a variety of sizes

“fine/fine,” “medium/coarse” and “coarse/fine” teeth.

A good basic comb for most breeds is a 7.5” by 1” stainless steel comb with combination (fine/coarse or medium/coarse) teeth.


Nail clippers

Always use dog nail trimmers when cutting the nails of your pet. There are different brands out there that you can buy that all perform well. A good source of information on how to trim the nails as well as the best and most cost-effective model is to ask your vet or groomer which brand is most recommended.

There is a new tool available for nail trimming that utilizes a rotating emery board that files off small parts of the nail at a time rather than a large part at a time.

The method by which you chose to trim your dog’s nails will depend on how comfortable your pet is with the nail trimmers or a rotating emery board.


Shampoo/ Conditioner/ Scent Spray

First of all, it is recommended that you get a dog grooming bathtub to wash your dog in. It is advised to NEVER use human shampoo or conditioner on your dog as it has a different pH level which will result in irritating your pet’s skin and damaging their coat.  For this reason, there is a wide variety of dog shampoo and conditioners out there which are ideal for your pet. They range in scent, function (detangling, moisturizing, etc.), and price. The choice of which to buy for your pet depends upon whether you have a purpose in mind or are just looking for a nice smell.

The tools described are available for purchase through pet stores or online sites. You can also purchase ebooks, DVDs or CDs teaching you how to safely and correctly groom your pet and how to give them the specific breed cut or groom. To learn how to wash your dog at home, read this article.


If you’d like to buy most of the equipment needed to groom your dog with one purchase, check our guide on dog grooming kits.