How To Groom a Dog Face

Keeping our dog clean is an important part of living with a pet. When a dog becomes part of our family, we must understand that they can carry a lot of dirt and bacteria on their fur that can be harmful to us and them. That is why the grooming of dogs is a task to which we must pay special attention. Today we explain to you how to correctly groom a dog’s face.


Required grooming equipment

Can you groom a dog’s face at home? The answer is yes, but you have to prepare the area where the session will take place and, you must have these tools:

  • Scissors

    They will be necessary for this process since they help you to properly cut the hair in the areas of the most difficult access – like the dog’s face area. Much of your dog grooming work can be done with scissors, even if you don’t have clippers. There are specialized scissors to work on pets. It is recommended that you buy scissors for pet grooming and not use any random scissors laying around the house or even scissors for human hair. Before you start, make sure that the scissors are properly disinfected.

  • Clippers

    This tool will help you to work easier and cleaner. Use the clippers on a low noise and vibration level so you don’t scare your dog and thus achieve better results. Since dog hair is different from human hair, it is recommended to buy specialized clippers for dogs. The difference between specialized clippers and human clippers is that the dog tools are made specifically for the thickness of the animal’s hair. Human hair is thinner than that of dogs or cats. If the clipper blades can be sharpened, this will prolong the life of the machine.

  • Comb

    Like the clippers, there are different types of combs and brushes, but not all are appropriate for all breeds. Due to hygiene reasons, do not use the same comb you use on your dog. The comb will help you clean and detangle your dog’s hair. However, it will also help you as a tool to cut your dog’s face hair more accurately and easily.


groomed dog face


6 steps to groom your dog’s face

So, how do you groom your dog’s face? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Prepare the area: properly prepare the space where you will place your dog to begin grooming. Keep the comb, scissors, and clippers at hand and make sure you have towels at hand. Remember that your dog must be bathed and brushed before cutting its fur.
  2. Get the tools: hold the clipper in your hands, bring it closer to your dog, and let him smell it so it can become familiar with it. Now, followed this, turn on the clipper at a low level and away from your dog’s face, leave the clipper on for a few minutes so your pet can get used to the sound. Slowly bring the clipper closer to your dog’s face, and then bring it close enough to its body so that it can feel the vibrations. Before starting to remove your dog’s hair with the clipper, make sure the blade is well sharp since a dull blade could pull the hair and harm your dog’s skin.
  3. Start cutting: once your dog is familiar with the clipper, you have to hold your dog while you start cutting its fur. This will help you prevent it from making sudden moves that could end up hurting your dog’s face. You must cut in the direction in which the hair grows.
  4. Work in the muzzle area: start cutting the muzzle hair, delicately and gently move the clipper in the direction that the hair grows, little by little, preventing your dog from exalting itself. To access its cheeks, you must lift the dog’s ears and move the clipper carefully in the direction of the hair growth, with movements in a straight line to avoid hurting or pulling the dog’s hair.
  5. Continue with the eyes area: when cutting in the eyes area, you must be very careful. For this, you will have to use the comb since it will help you avoid hurting your pet’s face. Take the comb and use it to lift the fur above the eyes. Without bringing the clipper too close to your dog’s skin, cut the fur as short as you think is necessary.
  6. Do the last touches: if you see that you have already made all the necessary cuts with the clipper, you can take the scissors and give a few finishing touches to some parts of the hair around your dog’s face. Once you are satisfied with the cut, you should clean the grooming area to eliminate any excess hair. Use a damp cloth first, then wipe with a dry towel, brush it with a slicker brush, and voila, the face grooming process will be complete!

As you can see, by following these simple steps you will successfully groom a dog’s face. In addition to this, here are some things you should consider if you’ve decided to groom your dog yourself.


Key points to consider

  • Taking your dog for a walk before a grooming session will be helpful. Taking your pet for a walk will make it more relaxed and tired, making it less likely to have sudden movements when the process begins. This will minimize the risks of hurting it. We especially recommend this when working on the pet’s face.
  • When you groom your pet’s face, it will be important to have treats on hand during the session as it will help keep it calm. You will be training it that the better it behaves during a grooming session, the more rewards you will have for it.
  • Try to brush your pet regularly, either every day or a few times a week. It is recommended to use a slicker brush. This will make your dog get used to this type of process, which will make it calmer at the time of a grooming session. Besides, this will help you to know when it will be time to cut your dog’s hair and where you need to be more careful.
  • This process should be repeated from two to four weeks, always depending on how necessary it is for your dog. Taking into consideration its breed and how fast its hair grows, it is advisable to groom dogs in the mentioned period.
  • To avoid irritations on your dog’s skin, you should always prevent the clippers from rubbing directly on it. The dogs’ skin is quite delicate and their fur coat is what protects it. That is why we must be careful when cutting their hair.
  • If your dog is small or medium-sized, it will be more comfortable for you to do the grooming by placing it on a table. Sitting or lying down will be more comfortable for you and your pet while reducing the risk of accidentally hurting it.
  • If your dog is large, we recommend grooming it on the floor or on a large grooming table. Place a large towel or blanket on the floor and put your pet on it. This will allow you better mobility when it comes to cutting your dog’s hair.
  • When you are cutting the hair around your pet’s eyes, be very careful and avoid making sudden movements as you could accidentally hurt your dog.
  • Remember that the muzzle hair doesn’t need to be cut as much. In general, that area does not have much hair, however, if you must do it, be careful when using the clippers – do not bring it too close to its skin, make smooth and in-line movements, always in the direction of the hair growth.



As you can see, with the help of clippers, scissors, and a comb, you can groom a dog’s face at home. You just have to follow the simple steps we’ve provided you with.

If you don’t feel confident that you can appropriately groom your dog, make sure you take it to a professional. If you’re in the UK, you can find professional dog groomers on our website with a simple search.