Absolutely Barking

At last a professional dog grooming, self service wash and dog day care salon, especially equipped and staffed to provide your dog with the Absolute Best.

Owned managed and run by people who own and care about dogs. The Absolute Dogs team offers a professional, personal hands on service. This is combined with a caring attitude. This leads to a consistent and reliable service providing value for money

In short Absolute Dogs provides you with all that they would want for their own dogs. Come and give your dog the Absolute Dogs Treatment and it will be a Good Dog Day.


Dog grooming services
We use advanced grooming, top of the range equipment. All breeds and sizes of dogs can be accommodated in our salon including Great Danes, Newfoundlands and Alsatians. Our baths ensure that your dog whatever its age and size can access it easily.

Our grooming techniques include – clipping, scissoring, hand stripping, nail clipping, feet trimming, and ear trimming.

We also offer a puppy familiarisation service, including a bath and eye trim. This service enables your puppy to acknowledge the surroundings for future visits to ensure that they remember that this is not a scary experience but an enjoyable one with cuddles and fun. more info »

Bathing and Brush out Service
A bath and brush out service is available. This enables you to have your dog bathed regularly to remove dirt and grime and any dead hair.

This includes a brush out service, which we recommend should be done on a regular basis, which will prevent your dog becoming matted and uncomfortable and reducing loose dead hair. For more information see Dog Grooming»

Self service dog washes
Visit our purpose built, state of the art equipment, for dog owners to bathe their own dogs. Self service washing is for walk in clients, no appointment necessary. You will be shown to your personal cubicle and a member of our team will guide you through the instructions and safety tips. No longer will you have a muddy dog running into your home!

Dog day care
An excellent alternative to leaving your dog at home whilst you are out at work or enjoying a day out and giving you peace of mind knowing that your dog is being cared for in our supervised dog crèche having fun in a loving environment. more info »

Home Boarding
We provide a Home Boarding service. Your dog will stay in a warm, friendly and loving environment with a hand picked carer. Home life routine is maintained. Your dog will receive the appropriate level of exercise including country walks. This is the happier alternative to kennels.

Pick Up and Drop-Off Service
If you are housebound or for some other reason are not able to drop off and pick up your dog then we can arrange for this.

Dog taxi service
We offer a dog taxi and pet taxi service to meet customers requirements and needs.



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