All Dogs Great and Small Grooming Services

All Dogs Great and Small Grooming Services was established on 12 August 2013 and there is just myself, Julie Cooper, working in the business.

I work Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning.

I work from a fully equipped workshop which is located at the back of my garden. All my grooming equipment is good quality from reputable brand names. My shampoos and accessories are from one a popular online pet/grooming supplier called Groomers Online and Bestpets.

If you would like to look around my workshop before making your dog an appointment then please feel free to drop in during my working hours.


(clip; sanitary clip; bath and dry; brush out; eyes and ears cleaned; nails cut; fur from bottom of paws trimmed)

Small dog groom (eg Shih Tzu, King Charles Spaniel, Bichon size) – £24

Medium dog groom (eg Springer Spaniel size) – £27

Large dog groom (eg German Shepherd size and above) – £30+ (this depends on the amount of work needed and the condition of the coat)


(bath and dry; eyes and ears cleaned; nails cut; fur from bottom of paws trimmed; sanitary clip if applicable)

Small dog – £13

Medium dog – £14

Large dog – £15

NB: I have listed below the additional work required for a full groom (as opposed to the pamper package) for different types of dogs:

Short haired, smooth or wiry dog – thorough brush out (1/2 hour plus) with a rubber curry and soft bristle brush

Long haired, double coated dog but not clipped – thorough brush out (1 hour plus) with a rake and furminator to remove all dead hair

Double, silky or woolly coated dog requiring a clip off – clipper and scissor work.


Small / medium dog – £10

Large dog – £12


Paw tidy – £1 per paw or £4 for all of them

Nails clipped – £1 per paw or £4 for all of them

Face trim – £4

NB: I do not express anal glands on a dog this is deemed to be a surgical procedure and should only be carried out by a qualified vet and I do not pluck ears


I also provide a collection and drop off service for your dog for which I am fully insured. Small dogs are transported in a cage on the back seat of my car and medium / large dogs sit in the boot of my car.

Prices for transport are as follows:

0-3 mile distance from your house to mine – £3

3-5 mile distance from your house to mine – £5

5+ mile distance from your house to mine – please ring to discuss


If your dog is extremely matted then this could incur an additional £3 charge. This is for wear and tear on my grooming equipment and the extra time it will take me to strip off your dog’s coat. However, I will always ring a customer first to discuss this.

NB: A matted coat can make a dog’s life miserable, the matts pull on the dog’s coat when it moves. In extreme cases the matts can become so tight they tear the skin. A matted coat can also lead to the dog suffering from sore and infected skin as the air does not pass through the coat properly.



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