Alpha Dog Grooming

I am a mobile dog groomer based in Teesside and offer a range of services. Some of which include:
– A full groom: Bathing, drying, styling, nails, ears and anal glands
-Half groom: Styling, nails and ears (dog must be bathed and dried before visit)
-Nails only mobile visit
-Bath, Dry and Nails

Styling includes: Clipping, Scissoring and Hand stripping to breed style or an all over body contour cut (shaved)

A flea bath can be added on to the service for an extra £8

Flea bath and dry £18

As well as being a mobile groomer, I also offer a pick up and drop off service for those clients who would rather I take their dog away to groom and bring back looking lovely. Depending on your area there will be an added fee for this service.

I am also available for morning, evening, afternoon and weekend dog walking either regularly or as a one off.



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