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In house mobile ‘ come to your door and set up in your home’ dog grooming service based in middleton, heywood and serving clients within parts of Greater Manchester and Bolton. Beauty in the beast mobile dog groomer will come to you and turn your little beasts into beauties in the comfort of your own home. No van required I set up in your home so you can be with your fur-babies whilst I groom. Not every dog enjoys being groomed in a van or salon, This could be due to a number of reasons such as dog aggression, separation anxiety, old age and illness or lack of transportation. A lot of owners and dogs feel more at eased being groomed at home in their own environment. All i need access to is washing facilities so your pooch can be bathed and a plug socket for my equipment and i will take care of the rest. I always stand behind my work, with animal welfare and customer satisfaction being my #1 priority. Contact me for more information about myself and how I can help you.

A fairytail ending
At Beauty in the Beast Mobile dog Grooming Manchester I cater for each and every Pup. Young or old I will make sure your fluffy companion has a fun and enjoyable experience weather you are looking for a bath and brush or the full spa treatment.

Using the best equipment and products in the industry, each groom is tailored to your dogs needs, therefore a full consultation will be carried out before each groom, ensuring the transition from beast to beauty for the perfect Fairytail ending.

Untangle those mangles
Its a fact that everyday doggo life is muddy, messy and fun. This can however have a detrimental effect to your pride and joys coat! Matting is something every dog owner must face from time to time but don’t worry, you no longer need to face it alone! I am here to help.

Where possible I will use the necessary equipment and supplies to try and break open those little matted fur devils, However this is not always possible and may cause your dog pain and distress. With the pooches welfare needs taking priority, Clipping may be the only option. DO NOT FEAR!! its only hair it will grow back.

​Prevention is the best method and with my advise on what equipment to use, you can keep your dogs coat regularly brushed and maintained in between Mobile home visits.

Pampered pups
The world can be a scary place, especially for little pups! However here at Beauty in the Beast Mobile dog grooming Manchester I aim to make your puppies first grooming experience as pleasant and positive as can be. Puppy familiarization starts from as early as 12 weeks and the first experience can set the bar for how your fur baby responds to future grooming sessions. Therefor we offer patience, play and lots of cuddles to help the little ones adapt and look forward to returning to the grooming table.

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