Bonnie Pet Parlour and Therapy Centre

Bonnie Pet Parlour specialises in full-service dog grooming, dedicated to the highest quality care in a nurturing and relaxed atmosphere. Our staff have been trained to deliver high customer and pet satisfaction, picked for their talent and passion for grooming. We believe that all dogs, whether big or small, should be treated like royalty, which is why we have a large menu of services, making it convenient to pick and choose what’s best for your pooch. Leading the pack with our integrity, credibility and 1% dedication makes us the right choice for you and Fido.


Our list of standard services and treatments below, with indicative pricing ranges. However, we cannot give exact pricing as every furry friend is unique in size, hair type (smooth or thick), hair length as well as general fur condition. Our fully trained staff will give you a free inhouse assessment and advice of what needs to be done as well as why it should be done. At the end of the day, we will always want the best for your pooches, but you will have the ultimate say in what we can do for you. We can also do a customised bundle of treatments and services that are relevant for your pooch beyond what is listed below, just chat to our staff over the phone or when in store. With regard to grooming, also feel free to ask for a style cut (if possible) and we will gladly come up with some suggestions for you.

Full Groom | 2 – 3 hrs

Consists of a pre-groom clip and brush, a bath, blow-dry, grooming clipper work, styling / shaping / neatening scissoring, nail clip, ear and eye clean, blow dry and then to be finished off with a gentle dry in our calm drying cabinets. Enquire about the possibility of a stylist cut as well. Indicative price range – from £18 to £6 – varies due to pooch size, fur type, fur length and fur condition.

Bath & Tidy Trim | 1-2 hrs

Give your dog some time out with a bath and tidy, which also includes hygiene scissoring, ear cleaning and nail trimming. Consists of a pre-groom brush, a bath, blowdry, hygiene scissoring, nail clip, ear and eye clean, blow dry and the to be finished off with a gentle dry in our calm drying cabinets. Indicative price range – from £2 to £32 – varies due to pooch size, fur type, fur length and fur condition.

De-matting / De-shedding | 15mins – 4mins

De-matting may need to be added to your dog’s groom – for your dogs comfort we only de-mat for a max of 15 mins.
De-shedding is for dogs that cast and have double coats. Also available as an add on. 2-4 mins – £5-£1

Hand Stripping | 2 hrs – 3hrs

Hand strip is an alternative groom method for dogs with double coats or wire coarse coats. This skilful treatment may take 2-3 hrs depending on your dog’s coat -£1-£15 will be added to the traditional groom charge for your dogs breed.

Nail Trimming

Does what it says on the tin. This one is self-explanatory – £1

Bonnie Microbubbles Therapy Bath Treatment | 3mins

We believe that we are one of the first grooming salons, if not the first, in Scotland to offer this treatment. This is a deep cleansing treatment that involves millions of microscopic bubbles that deep clean down into the hair follicles and remove all bacteria deep in the skin and stimulates hair growth. It is 1% chemical free and is the best natural treatment for any form of skin irritation.
This treatment stimulates blood circulation, detoxifies the skin, removes old / dead skin, conditions hair. It is a brilliant natural treatment for skin hot spots, eczema, dermatitis, demodectic Mange, ear infections, yeast infections, folliculitis. If your pooch has a skin irritation of any form, this treatment will sort it out, Come in store and see the magical cleansing power of this amazing treatment.

Treatment length is 2 minutes and immersed in water full of millions of microbubbles. To give you an idea, there are an estimated 6, bubbles in one cubic cm. Indicative price range – from £25 to £45.

Ultrasound & Microbubble Dental Care & Mouth Hygiene | 3mins

This treatment is very effective at removing plaque on the teeth and up to 12 mm deep inside the gums. It assists in the prevention of Gingivitis, periodontal disease, tartar formation and halitosis.
It is a non-abrasive method of cleaning using ultra sound and microbubbles. Initial treatment is £32 (includes a brush head for you to keep). Follow up treatment (within 3 months) £2 and a new tooth brush head is £8 (please don’t forget tooth brush head from the initial treatment)

Hydro Bath & Spa Treatment | 1hr

Consists of a bath with powerful air jets, like a jacuzzi, therapeutic for pooches, relaxes muscles, relieves joint aches/arthritis and subtle massaging of the skin. Finish it off with a range of spa treatments such as a blueberry facial, nose and paw cream, breath freshener and more. Ask in store about all the options and choice. Indicative price range – from £25 to £45. Please note, pooch will be blow dried but additional charges may apply for brush out of coat.

Luxury Package

Blueberry facial, breath freshener, fragrance & bandana can be added to all groom packages – £5



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