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Welcome to Bubble Paws, a professional dog grooming salon located in Codsall, Wolverhampton. Hello, I’m Hannah! I discovered my passion for grooming dogs after I began home grooming my first dog. What began as a hobby has become my profession – in a job that I find to be both creative and extremely rewarding. I am qualified with a national diploma in dog grooming, with years of experience working for myself as well as in other Grooming Salons.

I pride myself on giving you and your dog the best possible experience and strive to provide the highest quality of care in a safe and stress free environment, ensuring that your dog has a fantastic experience – and looks and smells great too! I cater to all of your dog grooming needs at competitive prices. All services are one-to-one from a fully equipped and insured home based salon, perfect for nervous dogs or dogs that don’t mix well with others. Cages are rarely used and your pooch is free to roam the garden or the Salon both before and after a grooming session.

Please be aware that these prices are a rough guide only. Our prices are heavily dependent on the breed of your dog, its temperament as well as the condition of its coat – If fleas are found and a flea bath is given, there will be a £10 charge.

Includes bath, brush, clip/cut, ears, nails, glands & cologne spritz.
Prices start from : £25

Includes bath, brush, ears, nails, glands & cologne spritz.
Prices start from : £10

Includes bath, brush, face & bum tidy up & cologne spritz. This package is ideal for long haired breeds between full-grooms.
Prices start from : £15

Includes bath, brush, nails, ears, and tidy up of face, bum & feet finished with a spritz of baby powder.
Prices start from : £15



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