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My name is Lucy and I am a fully qualified dog groomer. I have been working in the industry since March 217. Before opening the Penwortham salon, I had a salon on the Huntley’s site in Samlesbury.

I have previous experience as a Professional Dog Walker and Grooming Assistant. I gained my professional Diploma in Dog Grooming at Anrich Veterinary Hospital in Wigan. ​I have two Cocker Spaniels, Freddy and Flynn, they were my inspiration for becoming a dog groomer. They have and continue to teach me so much about being a dog owner and groomer.

I love that I get to spend my days with Four-Legged Furry Friends!

Dog Grooming Services
Grooming is an essential part in maintaining your dogs overall health and wellbeing. Regular grooming is key to ensuring a healthy coat and a healthy dog, all our grooms come with a pre assessment and health check so any changes in your dog can be noted and passed on to you.

Full Groom
Pre assessment and Health check
Bath & warm blow dry
Brush & de-matting
Ears plucked & cleaned
Hygiene areas trimmed
Nails clipped
Pads trimmed
Coat styling
From – £35

Bath & Blow Dry
Pre assessment and Health check
Bath & warm blow dry
From – £15

Puppy Pamper
Pre assessment and Health check
Bath & warm blow dry
Brush & trim
Ears cleaned
Nails clipped
From – £15

Hand stripping
From £45. – Price to be quoted upon consultation
Little Extras
Nails trimmed £7.
Nails trimmed & pad tidy £12.
Ear plucking & cleaning £7.

Puppy Wash
Free bath & warm blow dry
puppies under 4 months
A great way to introduce grooming to your new puppy

We now offer a non-invasive ultrasonic teeth cleaning service.
Emmi-Pet toothbrush effectively combats-
Gingivitis and periodontitis
Oral cavity diseases
Plaque and tartar build up
Bad breath

£25 for initial treatment
£15 a session
Packages Available
£13 x 1 sessions toothbrush head included



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