Buddy’s Dog House

Buddy’s Dog House is a Dog Grooming Parlour in Maghull, Liverpool.
Buddy’s resident dog groomer Alison, has over 1yrs experience at the highest level, within the dog grooming industry and a reputation for her attentiveness and affection she shows to all Buddy’s little pooches.

Alison offers a range of dog grooming services including shampooing, half and full grooming and nail clipping for all breeds of dogs. Alison is both a pet lover at home, but also at work too, she has 2 Lhasa apso’s called Buddy and Barney, and treats every dog she grooms like her own 2 little friends. Buddy’s Dog House has one the fastest growing reputations in Maghull, for a professional dog grooming experience with a tender loving touch, to make your dog not only look special, but feel special.

Nail Clipping, Full Grooming, Half Grooming, Shampoo and Blo Dry, Flexible Hours



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