Bugsies Mobile Dog Wash

Booking your dog in with Bugsie’s Mobile Dog Wash – couldn’t be easier.

We bring mobile dog grooming to you… No mess, no wet floors no furr,or muddy walls.
Let us take the mess out of your dogwashing days.

We operate in Blackpool and Fydle Coast Areas

At Bugsie’s, we know how hard it is to wash your dog at home – the mess, water everywhere, escaping dogs. Anyone who has ever watched a wet dog shake excess water over the furniture after a wash, will immediately understand why a “mobile dog wash” makes so much sense. That’s why we take away that very problem for you with our mobile dog grooming services.

Our range of services include:
Warm Hydro bath
Turbo Dry
Hand drying
Flea Rinse
Conditioning Rinse
Nail Cutting
Coat Trimming and
Microchipping Service

Prices from;
Wash & Pet Clip, Ears Eyes & Nail Trim
Small Dogs from £25 such as Jack Russell, Pug, Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Medium size dogs, from £30 such as Lhasa Apso, Shih-Tsu, West Highland Terrier.
Golden Retriever and similar sized dogs from £35
Large size dogs from £40 such as German Shepherd Long Hair, Huskie
Giant size dogs from £50 such as Newfoundland, St Bernard Bernese Mountain Dog



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