Central Bark Dog Grooming Salon

Service Second to None
Dogs have been part of our lives always! The reason Central Bark is here today is due to the love of dogs. Fully Certified Distinctions, you can be sure of a professional groom every time!
Central Bark is a modern, pleasant place to be for both the dogs and owners to visit. A warm friendly welcome is guaranteed!

All breeds are catered for, no dog is too big or too untidy and if you need to drop them off a little earlier and collect a little later than planned.. that’s OK too! A collection and delivery service is also offered if your short on time or cant leave the house.
Prices are very reasonable and competitive too!
The well being and happiness of your dog is our number one priority. We aim for a pleasurable experience and the dogs are more than happy to return to us.

One dog at a time is the norm with the free roam of the salon and all our attention. Rarely is there cross over. We have a large resting Pen should cross overs occur however if the dogs are happy to be together, then they are!

All Aspects of Dog Grooming
Central Bark Dog Grooming Salon is your local Tyldesley Groomer. Providing all aspects of Dog Grooming from full grooms to a deep cleanse and just nail trims if required. All products are specialised to your dogs needs and requirements.



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