Creature Comforts Grooming Parlour

Creature Comforts Dudley
Creature Comforts Dudley was set up in 2015 in order to offer a fair priced alternative to current boarders, with the whole family involved in running this business. We are all animal lovers and ourselves have 3 rabbits, a bearded dragon, 2 degu, 1 budgie, 8 cats, 1 dogs, a chinchilla, 2 parrots and a stray cat who comes twice a day for food and a cuddle.

Dog Walking
We offer a dog walking service where we will walk your dog(s) in your local area and not with other customers dogs, our walks are for 30 mins or intervals there of. We have a body cam which is used for the protection of you, your dog and us.

Dog Grooming
Creature Comforts Grooming Parlour is a fully equip grooming parlour within our home, Owned and run by Beth who grooms all breeds of dog without the high street prices. we can also groom rabbits

Pet Taxi
Should you need to take your pet on a short journey, or a trip to the vets we can carry your pet and one person.

Small Animal Boarding
We board rabbits, guinea pis, rats, mice, chinchilla, parrots, small birds, reptiles, both indoor and out. with outdoors runs at least 6ft x 11ft, and hutches up to 8ft.

Micro Chipping
We will come out to you and micro chip your pet or litter

Pet Visit
We can visit your pets during the day at times to suit so they can stay in their own home and be settled whilst you are at work or on holiday.

Vet Visits
We can pick your pet up and take it to the vet for you if you are struggling to get them there, due to work, other commitments or mobility issues

Dog Boarding
Dog boarding is available. We have built luxury Kennels which will be a living room for dogs each one will have a bed settee, tv and will be a real home from home. you will also have the option of cctv so you can see and chat to your dog from anywhere in the world via a mobile phone app, this app will also allow you to throw a treat out for your dog overnight (staff Permitting) we will stay with your dog.

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