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Our Philosophy
The Cumbernauld Dog Groomer is committed to offering an affordable dog grooming experience. Your dog will always leave our salon having had the highest quality groom and pampering service. The salon is centrally located in the heart of Cumbernauld, within reach of the Cumbernauld Shopping Centre allowing for a spot of shopping or coffee whilst your pooch is with us for their groom. We always run the salon in a positive friendly manor as we are a trusted and well established service. We are fully insured, first aid certified and professionally qualified. We ensure that every interaction we have with your dog is underpinned by the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare. These are set out to make sure your pet is free from:


​In order to minimise stress, your dog will have one to one interaction, which means we only have one dog booked in at a time, dogs can become stressed when around other dogs they do not know. This gives us the opportunity to give our full attention to your dog building positive associations, focusing on reward based techniques to make the grooming process an enjoyable experience. Unlike other grooming salons that are usually based on commercial premises or within a shop, your dog will enjoy a secure home setting with regular breaks to shake away any stresses. A cage free salon will leave your pet relaxed and feeling right at home.

When bathing your dog, we only use products that contain natural ingredients and essential oils to ensure your pet gets the best possible care. We also have shampoos and conditioners for dogs with more complex coats and skin types.



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