Diva Dogs

Diva Dogs dog groomers Lisburn is the premiere dog grooming salon for your dog.
The salon is owned by sisters Tara Alexander and Kirstien McDowell who over the last decade has built Diva Dogs into one of the leading dog grooming salons in Northern Ireland.

At Diva Dogs your dog will be groomed and cared for with state of the art equipment in a safe and clean environment by highly trained members of The Diva Dogs team to ensure the very highest level of care, love and attention.

At Divs Dogs we offer a wide range of dog grooming services and accomodate all breeds of dogs.

This is a fantastic way to keep your dog’s coat nice and fresh in between grooms. This service includes a warm bath, shampoo and fluffy towel dry, finished off with a careful brush. Your dog will leave the salon clean, fluffy and smelling good. This service also keeps those moulting hairs away too.

This is ideal for the owner who wants their dog looking its best in between full grooms. This Mini Groom service includes a bath, brush, fluffy towel dry and triming of face, feet, tail, nails and ears.

Our Full Groom service includes everything the Mini Groom service does plus a style for your dog’s coat. We can accomodate any style to match your dog’s needs so he/she can look its very best regardless if its with a tradionoital breed style or a clip.

All our dog grooming includes the following services:
– Bath (shampoo & condition)
– Ear Cleaning
– Nail Triming
– Clipping
– Scissoring
– Cologne

All of the team at Diva Dogs are highly skilled in professional grooming techniques and we understand the needs of different breeds. Part of our service is to check your dog’s skin, coat, eyes, ears and teeth. We will let you know of any problems that we find so that can contact your dog’s vet.



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