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Welcome to our store!
Dog Store is a store & groomers in the heart of Canterbury City Centre that is dedicated to providing you and your four-legged friends with the best products, care and life that we possibly can. We know that your dog is a huge part of the family. They offer so much to our lives – endless fun, smiles and unconditional love. You’ll find everything you need for your dog online or in store and you can ask our doggy-expert-staff any questions you might have.

We have a fantastic Dog Grooming space at the rear of our store. Our Groomer’s are City & Guilds Trained to a Level 3 standard and we have a maximum of 2 dogs in at any one time. Feel free to call us up on 01227 456 195 to talk to us about your dog grooming needs. Alternatively you can book a groom here.

Come and join in the adventure with us and make Dog Store your one stop shop for all your dog’s needs. After all, it is the love they deserve.


Wash, Brush + Blow Dry £25-49
The Full Works £29-59
Puppy Groom £25-49



We found 53 online reviews for this dog groomer with an average score 4.8.


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