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Full Groom
This includes 2 baths using a hand picked, top quality shampoo an conditioner to suit your furbaby’s requirements; drying; de-shedding; full styling/clipping; nail trim; ear clean; and a complimentary spritz of posh doggy scent. This is the most popular groom choice.

Bath and Dry
2 baths as standard, using a hand picked, top quality shampoo to suit your pups coat type, then blasted dry. This is a service normally offered as an “inbetween freshen up” for regular clients who like their main groom to last a little longer. Extra charges may be added for any de-matting.

Bath and Tidy
As the bath and dry but with a tidy up trim to the eyes/feet and bottom. This is usually offered as an inbetween groom to regular clients who have pooches with quicker hair growth. Extra charges may be added for any de-matting.

This service includes a double bath and dry as per all of my grooms, but with extra time and attention spent on removing as much of the dead undercoat as possible. This helps to stop coats becoming compacted and matted. It’s amazing the difference a good old de-shed can make.

Hand Stripping
Hand Stripping is a process for wire haired breeds. It’s a technique of removing the longest dead wirey hairs by hand, which promotes new hair growth and keeps the dogs skin and coat in healthy condition. Please message for more information.

Add-on Services:

Spa Package
This service is available with any groom. Your furbaby will receive a Blueberry Spa Facial (used regularly, this can help with tear staining around the eyes. It has a no-tear formula and is very popular!) accompanied by a head massage, and will have nose and paw balm applied before leaving the salon.

Nail Clipping
Nail clipping is included in the full groom. If it’s required as an add on with the bath and dry or bath and tidy, it’s chargeable at £5.

All prices vary, depending on the size/breed/temperament of each individual dog. All quoted prices are subject to change and are based on a well behaved dog in good condition.

Extra charges will be added to the cost of a groom for the following:
Flea shampooing

Gift Vouchers
Struggling to find the perfect gift for you pet-loving pal? Or simply want to treat your beloved four legged friend to a pamper? Gift Vouchers are availabl! Simply message me with the amount you want to give, and I’ll send a handmade gift card to you or your chosen recipient. You can choose to write the card yourself if you’d like to add your own personal touch. *Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash alternatives, and will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue*



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