Dogsboddies Grooming Salon

We are a Crosby/Waterloo dog grooming salon in Liverpool close to all local transport amenities. We are a 5 minute walk from the popular Crosby Marina and Crosby beach.

Hi, I’m Yvette. I have over 6 years In the dog grooming industry. I started out as a mobile dog groomer after my training but due to a swift increase in clientele I was unable to fit dogs in. A van with one grooming table just wasn’t enough! I needed something bigger so I decided to look about for a premises. I was asked to join an establishment with over 30 years trading and experience with the previous owners. I worked alongside the owners and was offered the opportunity to take over the business when they had to move on for various reasons.

I’m so proud at how far Dogsboddies grooming salon has come and have been able to train up, send on a level 3course and acquired a qualified groomer in Molly who is literally my right hand woman. In all honesty shes brilliant and a perfectionist!

We deal with all kinds of temperaments in dogs, from the most docile to pretty aggressive but we treat them all as if they were our own. From puppy grooms to veteran grooms. Our eldest is 17 years old with dementia and has been coming to Dogsboddies from a puppy.

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