Dogzi K9 Beauty & Dog Grooming Salon
A boutique dog grooming salon in the heart of Penistone offering a wide range of grooming services with a difference – we take pets’ requirements to the next level. We groom on a one-to-one basis ensuring your pet receives our full attention and we only ever have a maximum of two pets on site at any one time.

We pride ourselves on the highest standard of pet care, excellent grooming standards, and customer service. Fully qualified City and Guilds groomers go that extra mile to give the customer what they want for their precious pet, large or small.
Dogzi also has a unique spa bath with whirlpool jets which has been known to help relax your dog and help promote dogs well being. The buoyancy of the water relieves weight and stress on the joints, the warmth and circulation of the aerated water relaxes the skin, fascia and superficial muscles. In addition, we offer a hydrobath service for all dogs, which offers a warm, pressurised shampoo and a superior bathing and cleansing experience.

Grooming Dogs and Puppies
FULL BODY GROOM – 2-5 hours
Our full body treatment offers everything your pet needs to look good both in and out of the park. This includes dead-hair removal, a nail trim, a between pads and paw trim, an ear cleanse, two shampoos, a warm Fluff dry, a custom coat styling by Head stylist, and a luxury finishing cologne spritz.

QUICK GROOM – 30 minutes
Having a regular mini groom will remove dead hair, help to prevent matting and keep your dog’s coat in top condition in between each Full Body Groom. This is particularly effective for long-haired or double-coated breeds such as the Newfoundland, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Chow-Chow, and Tibetan Terrier, or breeds that will benefit from regular coat care, such as the Shih tzu, Labradoodle and Cockerpoo.

WASH & FLUFF DRY – 1-2 hours
For the busy pet who is always on the go our Spa & Fluff Dry service does the trick. This includes dead-hair removal, two shampoos, a warm blow dry, and a luxury finishing cologne spritz.

Introduce your new puppy to the benefits of grooming. A gentle brush through will be followed by a relaxing body wash using John Paul Pet Tearless Shampoo for puppies. The shampoo helps condition and adds lustre to your pet’s coat. A warm Fluff dry will encourage your puppy to relax in the grooming environment ready for future appointments. Puppies must be under four months to qualify for this complimentary service.

King or Queen
Here at Dogzi we wanted to introduce to our clients a service that was a little bit different and set us apart from the rest. We have an amazing Golden Throne. We can organise for you to have a professional Photo taken when your pet as had that extra pampered treat and you can have an exquisite photo taken and framed to take home and treasure. Just another service we offer to all of our clients . Please contact us if this is something that appeals to you, don’t worry if you live far away we can photoshop your pet onto your throne Prices from as little as £9.99

At Dogzi, we use ReQual Technique products in all of our grooming services offering you the piece of mind that only the best products are being used on your pets. ReQual Technique have specialised in cosmetics for animals for more than 15 years, making their product range a reference point for the production of cosmetics for animals throughout Europe and the UK. Skilled and qualified personnel manufacture ReQual under laboratory conditions. Constantly looking for original products that meet new market needs to safeguard the health of the animal and those using the products.

Specialist Services
Personality Haircuts approx 2-3 hours depending on the size and coat length
Wanting a different look for your pet why not try a Personality Haircut, we can create a hairstyle to suit your choice and advise each client on what will suit your breed. Why not make your poodle look like a fox terrier. We can create almost any breed or even change your dog to look like a Teddy Bear. Prices available on request.

Oatmeal Healing Baths approx 2 hours
Your dog can enjoy an oatmeal healing bath with this JPP product if you have a dog with itchy skin. The shampoo gently cleanses whilst soothing dry skin and coats and is made with aloe, chamomile and hydrodyzed oat protein, which cleanses without irritation while imparting a wonderful almond fragrance.

Coat Colouring Enhancing approx 2 hours
A choice of rich and conditioning colour enhancing and whitening (non-bleach) shampoos and conditioning treatments intensify the natural coat colour – for black, white, red, brown or copper coats – and leave it feeling silky smooth and full of shine. Our stylist will recommend the best product for your dog.

Paw Massages
Dogzi paw massages are recommended for dogs with dry or cracked pads as a result of prolonged exposure to sand, salt or mud and/or lifestyle. Aromatherapy oils are massaged into the pads of your pet’s paws which provides relief from cracking and softens the skin. It is recommended that this application is carried out every 2 – 3 weeks dependant on severity.

This service can be offered along with any other service, but particularly our grooming services.

Sensitive Skin Treatments
If you own an itchy dog who suffers from sore, irritated or itchy skin, you will already know what a constant battle and distressing problem this can be for both you and your dog. Skin problems can be one of the most common problems that dogs experience, and they can be notoriously difficult to alleviate. They often cause intense licking and scratching, which can make the problem worse, and can increase the possibility of secondary infections.

We offer a quick, effective solution using a Dermacton soap bar and we bath your pet using this product, which stops itching fast, calms sore skin and is a natural and steroid free product. We also sell the soap bars for you to purchase and maintain your pet at home.

Spa & Aromatherapy
BATH & BODY MASSAGE* – 30 minutes application time
A calming and relaxing treatment in which your pet is massaged with your choice of aromatic oil and coat-strengthening aromatherapy massage gel. This in-bath massage promotes blood circulation, relieves stress and enhances both the metabolism and the lustre of the coat. We have a choice of Lotions and oils to suit your pets skin or coat type.

This will by followed by a warm towel wrap, fluff dry and a luxury cologne spritz. Prices vary depending on breed size and coat type.

BLUEBERRY & VANILLA FACIAL* – 15 minutes application time
A refreshing and hydrating facial scrub to cleanse, soothe and balance. It has a natural and gentle exfoliating effect, helping to remove dirt and unsightly tear stains around the eyes and mouth. The treatment includes a relaxing head massage.

THALASSOTHERAPY MUD BATH* – 30 minutes application time
In thalassotherapy, mud-containing minerals, sea mud and seaweed extract is gently massaged into the skin. Designed to maintain healthy skin and a smooth, lustrous coat, this treatment removes the waste from deep inside the pores that cannot be washed away with ordinary shampoo. The treatment includes a warm towel wrap.

THE SPARKLE TREATMENT* – 15 minutes application time
Whether it’s an Oscar party or a New Year’s Eve ball they’re attending, your pooch will be red carpet ready with our special sparkle treatment. A choice of shimmer spray colours (non-permanent and safe for pets) is available, along with a bow tie for boys or a pretty pink ribbon for girls.

Whirlpool Spa
SPA EXPERIENCE – 15 – 20 minutes
As if we didn’t offer enough we have a special Jacuzzi whirlpool spa made just for dogs. It has proven a great success. This spa has been known to help relax your dog and help promote dogs general wellbeing. The buoyancy of the water relieves weight and stress on the joints. The warmth and circulation of the aerated water relaxes thespian, fascia and superficial muscles. We have a few clients that are amazed just how much this has helped their precious pets. The dogs just love it. Please watch our video that we recorded just to see how much they really do enjoy the spa. Prices upon request.

Treat your treasured companion to a lavish bubble Jacuzzi whirlpool spa bath with a relaxing in-bath massage that will help soothe and relax tired muscles. Your pet’s coat will be cleansed with John Paul Pet Calming Moisturising Shampoo and a conditioning treatment using John Paul Pet Oatmeal Conditioning Rinse will follow. This treatment also includes a luxury warm towel wrap and a spritz of a John Paul Pet Conditioning Spray to finish.



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