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Welcome to Flawless Fur mobile dog grooming spa, a stress free grooming service on your doorstep, we come to you at home or work whatever suits you – time or place. No more stress for you or your pets travelling to drop off and pick up your pet from the grooming parlor as we come direct to your door.

Flawless fur mobile spa is equipped with the latest grooming equipment and a hydro excel bath allowing me to bath your pet in a clean, fresh and non circulated supply of warm water.

Flawless fur offers a grooming service for your pet of whatever age or breed, everything from a basic bath and dry to a full nose to tail spa, breed standard trim or pet trim. All grooms will be a personalised experience to suit each pets individual needs, your pet will be pampered in a relaxed and calming environment, no other dogs or cats on board, so no distractions. I work one on one so each pet has my undivided attention and time, allowing them rest as and when needed.

Flawless fur mobile spa is a fully insured, experienced and reliable service that covers all areas from Dudley – Birmingham – Coventry and all surrounding areas.

Full groom – includes any clipping and scissoring to your preference or breed standard, massaging bath using top quality shampoo that suits your dogs coat or skin, deep cleansing blueberry facial scrub, gentle blow dry, good brush through and remove any dead coat if needed, nails clipped and ears cleaned also plucked if needed and a spritz of cologne to finish.

Mini grooms – includes a pre bath brush, gentle massaging bath, a good brush through and blow dried, paw pads trimmed, a light tidy up on the feet and face, a hygiene trim, nails clipped and ears cleaned.

Hand stripping – includes a more natural way of making the coat shorter by removing dead coat either by hand or using a stripping knife, this allows a new wire coat to come in. This process maintains and keeps the natural colour and texture of the coat. Followed by a massaging gentle bath, paw pads trimmed, nails clipped and ears cleaned. A spritz of cologne to finish.

Puppy groom – includes a gentle massaging bath using sensitive puppy shampoo and dry, good brush through, paw pads trimmed, a light foot, face and hygiene trim if needed, all to the puppy’s pace to ensure the whole grooming experience is a relaxing and enjoyable one, if the puppy is not happy for any of these to be done the it will be left till the next groom to ensure it’s a good experience, the puppy groom is a great introduction to grooming for all puppies to make sure they get off to the right start.

You can find their pricing here: http://flawlessfur.co.uk/Pages/Prices.php



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