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Our bright, comfy fluff-mobiles have been a familiar sight around Medway, East and West Malling, Sittingbourne, and Gravesend for nearly 15 years. We now offer our services in the Whitstable, Herne Bay and Canterbury areas too! We run two fully-equipped grooming parlours for dogs, kitted-out inside spacious vans that we park up outside your house, whenever your pup is in need of a pamper.

We wanted to give dog owners the chance to keep their much-loved companions looking trim and healthy without all the faff and stress of a long visit to a grooming parlour miles away. A groom on your doorstep is especially good for nervous dogs who would benefit from being groomed skillfully and quickly without a long car ride before and after, and without being caged as they wait for their turn.

You dog’s grooming session will include:

Nail clipping
Relaxing bath and hand dry (no cage drying involved)
Full brush-out of minor knots and tangles (see note below)
Grooming/styling as required
Ear-clean and plucking, if needed
A refreshing spritz of cologne
Any aftercare suggestions or feedback that may benefit you and your pet in between grooms

For our full grooming service, we charge based on your dog’s breed, starting at £35 for a prim pug, up to £95 for a grand old Newfoundland, and everything in between. Come and find your breed here in our full price list.

We can also offer just a bath and towel-dry, if you’d prefer, for the following charge:

Small Dog £25.00
Medium Dog £32.00
Large Dog £37.50



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