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The Salon
Happy Dogs has been an established dog grooming salon just outside the centre of Rawtenstall, Lancashire since 2001. The salon was taken over in January 2012 by the current owner.
The salon has been re-decorated and now also has a fantastic selection of quality items for sale including leads, collars, tags, toys, treats, coats, beds, flea treatments, food & much more!

The Happy Dogs salon offers a wide range of services for our clients. We treat all our animals with the utmost care & respect – exactly the same as we would want our own pets treated. We listen to you & will accommodate any special requests. We understand some animals can have behavioural issues. The head groomer has had many years experience in working alongside such animals in animal sanctuaries & with the RSPCA. Happy Dogs will always work with you & your pet to achieve your requests.

We understand that many people lead busy lives & we are here even for the most basic of services. Happy Dogs can simply bath your pet for you. No matter what the size of dog – we can do it! We use a hypo-allergenic, grime-busting, dog specific dog shampoo & conditioner.

Humans & dogs have a different PH balance therefore it’s essential that the correct type of shampoo & conditioner are used to prevent any adverse skin reactions. Our products not only thoroughly clean your pet but also leave them smelling clean & fresh.

If you think your pet looks fine but maybe just needs a little trim then we can do this for you!

Nail Clipping
It’s essential for your pets comfort & health that their nails are kept short. We can clip your pet’s nails & on most occasions there is no appointment needed. Just pop into our shop & we can provide this service there & then.

Ear-Plucking & Cleaning
Most breeds of dogs have hair inside the ear that if left unattended can grow quite long and the ear can become dirty which can cause infections. Happy Dogs can pluck your dog’s ears & wipe them clean with specialist wipes.

Full Groom
Happy Dogs provides an excellent value for money full grooming service for your pet. We will bath and fully dry your pet, clip nails, pluck & clean ears, trim & style to your requirements and even provide a lovely smelling finishing spray.

We understand that sometimes your pets coat is in need of extra attention. Happy Dogs will not send out any animals with knots or matts. We will discuss what we will need to do if your pets coat needs special attention. We are here to help & will offer advice to ensure we keep your pet looking its best at all times.

Other Services
Do you have any special requirements for your pet? Maybe you want us to use a specific shampoo or do you want your pet’s nails painting or maybe a ribbon in their hair? Whatever you are thinking of then let us know & we will do our very best to satisfy your requests!



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