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Quality Grooming Care for Your Dog

At Henna’s Happy Hounds your dog gets personal time and attention throughout their groom. From nail trimming, a wash n brush-up, trimming and full styling, we do it all! Your dog will get lots of time and attention to make sure your precious friend is comfortable and feels relaxed in the salon. Treat your dog to healthier coat and skin care from our qualified professional stylist, conveniently located on Victoria Road East in Thornton-Cleveleys.

We use only the best quality shampoos and conditioners on our canine clients and expert grooming equipment and tools to obtain the best results. We’ll be happy to discuss your dog’s grooming and styling requirements before undertaking any groom on your dog. We take great pride in being able to groom your pet, your way. We understand that it’s not a case of one-size-fits-all, each client and each owner is an individual and the styling for each dog should be individual too.

Dog Grooming Services
We offer a full salon range of dog grooming services for your pet.

Nail Trim
When your best friend just needs a quick nail trim we’ll be happy to assist within just a few minutes. We can even give them a quick facial trim while they are here too, to reduce the problem of food and water on their jowls.

We stock one of the very best ranges of dog shampoos and conditioners and will be happy to give your dog just a bath and dry service if that’s what you require. We can even give a medicated bath for a soothing deep clean of your dog’s coat and skin.

Wash n Brush-up
Does your dog need freshening up and a quick tidy-up? We can do it. Bring them along for a refreshing bath with one of our top quality shampoos and conditioner, followed by a full brush through to reinvigorate the skin and refresh their coat.

Professional Grooming
This is the most popular service across all of our clients. We will be happy to make your dog an appointment for their regular grooming, including complete de-matting of the coat, an invigorating bath with top quality shampoo and conditioner, hand drying the entire coat and full trim in accordance with your desired styling for your dog.

Full Breed Standard Styling
At Henna’s Happy Hounds we don’t just do dog grooming, we do professional breed-standard styling. We will be happy to groom and correctly style your dog in it’s full breed cut, or an amended breed style to suit your dog’s life-style – whatever breed of dog you own. We have spent a great deal of time studying and undertaking professional exams to gain the skills and qualifications to groom and style all breeds of dogs correctly.

Interim Trim
On average, most groomed dogs will require grooming every 6 weeks. If you wish to have an interim trim on the dog’s coat between times bring them in for an interim trim. We will be happy to give your dog a bath and a tidy-up trim, or just a quick brush through and trim up any loose ends that require attention.

Hand Stripping
This specialist process, mainly for wire-coated/terrier breeds, is available from our professional qualified groomer. Those of you who have a hand stripped breed will know that this process is required at about 6 monthly intervals, when the coat is in ‘bloom’. We will be pleased to advise on your dog’s coat, advise if it is ready for stripping and undertake this service at the right time for your dog. This is a lengthy grooming process, so we will need to make an appointment that gives sufficient time over the day to undertake this form of grooming.



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