Ian’s Pampered Pooches

Welcome to the online home of Ian’s Pampered Pooches, a special one-to-one grooming service located in Cheshire.

Here at Pampered Pooches, I care for your doggies in a stress-free environment – only one dog at a time. I pride myself on offering a personal one-to-one service, which allows me to give your dog my full attention throughout their time here.

I like to take time to talk to my customers, allowing me to ensure that I tailor the service specifically to your dog’s individual requirements. Please let me know about any skin conditions or dislikes your dog may have, so that I can provide a safe and calm environment at all times.

At Ian’s Pampered Pooches, I provide a complete service with no extra costs. In addition to grooming your dog’s coat to your liking, the service also includes any of the following treatments, as required:

Nails cut
Ears checked
Anal glands expressed
Eyes cleaned
Pads checked and any knots/seeds taken out

This package is flexible, however, and if your dog only requires clipping of the nails, this treatment can be provided separately.

Please find below a list of prices for a range of breeds of dog:

Yorkshire Terrier £20
Border Terrier £24
Westie & Cairn Terrier £25
Lhasa Apso & Shih Tzu £25
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel £25
Springer Spaniel £25
Cocker Spaniel £25-£30
Cockapoo £25-£30
Airedale Terrier £30
Labradoodle £30



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