K 9 House of Style

K9 House of Style
At K9 House of Style mobile grooming salon our aim is to ensure that each pet has its individual needs met. We will undertake a consultation to establish the exact needs of both you and your pet.

K9 House of Style can groom all breeds and whether you are looking for a standard look or something a little different we can take care of everything. A detailed consultation will be carried out and a customer file created. This will detail condition of the coat, grooming requirements, important medical history of your pet and it’s behavior.

The K9 House of Style mobile pet grooming van contains everything needed to ensure your pet feels secure and relaxed, with a one to one, no cage, spa experience. Our brand new conversion has all the modern, top of the range equipment you’d expect including a warm water Hydrobath, blaster dryer, heating and top quality shampoos, meaning your pet gets professional salon treatment right outside your door. We cover Darlington and surrounding areas.

Professional Salon Treatment Right Outside Your Door
Hand Stripping
Nail Clipping
Ear Plucking / Cleaning
Anal Glands
Teeth Brushing or Descale
Bath Only
Brush Out Only
Face Trim Only
Flea / Tick Treatment
Cat grooming / Clipping



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