K9 Spa

Your pooches very own pamper parlour!

I’m you spa consultant, Kellie MacDonald and I’ve been preening your pups for 15 years now.
I was trained by one of the top dog groomers in the North Of Scotland and I love working with Dogs, keeping them in the best form, as they help keep us on form so often.
Our shop in the Spa Village, Strathpeffer opened on the 1st of May 2018 and I’ve loved getting to meet all the the Highland Dogs out there.

Full Groom
Better than a visit to the Hair Dressers!
3 hr

Nail Clipping
We like to call it a Doggicure!
5 min

Ear Cleaning
They will get a good scratch behind the ears too!
15 min

Ear Plucking
I am an ear plucker!
20 min

Oral Care
Dog breath is the worst
20 min

Breed Of The Month Offer
Hand Strip
1 hr



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