K9Transfurmations, Ellesmere Port multi award winning dog groomers

Welcome to k9transfurmations!

I am a multi-award winning groomer based between the Wirral, Chester and North Wales. I am extremely passionate about grooming dogs and have been involved in owning, showing, grooming and working with dogs all of my life. Grooming became a career in 2011 and I’ve not looked back since!

Cocker spaniels are my specialty breed to groom competing in grooming competitions regularly with them and showing my own one. I love to groom all dogs especially puppies! I love to work with nervous dogs and help them gain confidence at the grooming salon and I believe every dog deserves to look beautiful!

Are you finding loose fur all over your floors and furniture? A deshedding service might just be what your dog needs! As much dead fur will be removed as possible leaving your dog fresh and your home less hairy!

This service is the most popular, for those who need the full works! Bath, blow dry, full haircut to breed standard or whatever you desire, hygiene trim and nail trim.

It is important that your puppy becomes used to being groomed as early as possible, from as soon as they’re vaccinated and ready to go out into the big world! Take advantage of a puppy intro from £20 up to 6 months of age

Hand stripping carried out on all hand stripped breeds such as cocker spaniels, border terriers and wire fox terriers

Why not treat your best friend to a bath and blow dry? You can choose to have them bathed between grooms to keep them in pristine condition or have regular baths for your short haired dog… useful if you are expecting guests and would like your dog smelling fresh for the occasion!



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