Kutz Dog Grooming

KUTZ have invested in the very best washing and drying equipment in order to make the experience for your dog as stress free as possible. We only use professional products for the finest results.

From a wash and blow dry, to a full groom, KUTZ can tend to all your dogs grooming requirements. Please see a list of the services we provide below. The full groom includes, amongst other things – a personal consultation and a full cut styled to suit the breed and lifestyle of your dog, ears and finally a foot and nail procedure to achieve a truly all round healthy result. We will also alert you if there is anything we feel is amiss with your dog

Of course we recognise that there will be times when you wash your dog yourself but for a truly healthy dog we would recommend a professional session with an expert every 8 weeks depending on the breed.

You will be surprised how competitive our prices are!!!

Why not give your dog a treat after his kennels stay with a wash and blow dry? You can request this when you booking your dog in.

Our Services
Full Groom- (Includes nails clipped, inner ears plucked, bathed)
Wash and Blow dry
Nails Clipped
Ears Trimmed
Feet Trimmed
Eyes Cleared/Trimmed
Brush Outs
Flea Treatment
Owners requiring transport for their dog to the groomers and back home can arrange this when they book. There is a charge for this service on a mileage basis.

You can contact Lisa at the parlour on 1698 828555.



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