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About Me
I Love Your Dog, Just as You Do!
I’m Louise and my passion is grooming dogs and giving lots of cuddles.

As a dog groomer based in Stratton, Swindon I provide a fully equipped studio from my garage at home. This includes an electric table (for the big dogs), a bath with steps and door and the usual required grooming equipment. I have a diploma in Dog Grooming and have been Dog first aid trained.

Short Coated Dogs (Bathed, De-shed, Nail Trim, Ear Clean – 1hr) – From £25
Labrador / Dalmation / Weimaraner / Boxer / American Bull Dog / Greyhound / Saluki

Small Dogs (Clipped/Scissored, Bathed, Brushed, Nail Trim, Ear Clean – 1.5hr – 2hr) – From £30
Poodle / Bichon / Jack Russell / Cocker Spaniel / Springer Spaniel / CKC Spaniel / Min Schnauzer / SH Border Collie / Shih Tzu / Lhasa Apso

Medium Dogs (Clipped/Scissored, Bathed, Brushed, Nail Trim, Ear Clean – 1.5hr 2hr) – From £35
SH German Shepard / LH Border Collie / Sprollie / Std Schnauzer / Cockerpoo

Large Dogs (Clipped/Scissored, Bathed, Brushed, Nail Trim, Ear Clean – 2hr – 3hr) – From £40
Labradoodle / Retriever / LH German Shepard / Giant Schnauzer

Giant Dogs (Clipped/Scissored, Bathed, Brushed, Nail Trim, Ear Clean) – From £50
Newfoundland / Standard Poodle / Husky / Old English Sheep Dog



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