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About Kay
Kay first attended a full time two year course at the College of West Anglia where she gained a string of qualifications in Dog Grooming and Animal Care and Welfare. Before completing an additional year to become the college’s youngest ever OCR Dog Grooming Assessor, she was also awarded the college’s student of the year award.

Kays mucky pups rehabilitation grooming program is based on love and trust and never fear,by having a natural affinity with dogs it enables me to read their body language and respect and put your much loved dogs welfare first,as a city and guilds animal care and welfare student of the year award winner I have a passion for dogs welfare and happiness,the animal welfare act states it’s a offence to cause any animal pain or discomfort,welfare over glamour is my priority,my aim is to provide a relaxed and comfortable grooming experience,During my 16 years grooming I have worked with them all dominance aggression,excitable behaviour,nervous/fear aggression and the just grumpy so all temperaments welcome a muzzle is only used as a last resort never as a punishment my intension is for safety or to defuse a situation only ,basket muzzle are used so dogs can still pant,open mouth drink and eat treats,dog grooming is a alien process for dogs and very few enjoy the entire process it is alot for them to endure so please note unessary spa treatments such as hair colouring, nail painting,hair feather extensions or mud face packs will not be carried out,we must remember a dog must remain a dog to be happy instead your dog will receive a professional grooming finish to the highest standard with state of the art grooming equipment in a dog friendly environment by fully qualified dog grooming assessor Kay pinning.

Mucky Pups carries out many treatments and practices at a fraction of the cost charged by Vets, including…

Nail clipping
Tick removal
Emptying anal glands
Maintenance to ears
Also providing valuable advice on pet care and welfare and of course expert grooming for all breeds of dogs.

Affordable and very reasonable price for a dog groomer holding a OCR qualification.



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