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Hiya …. I’m Sarah

I started Mutz Kutz 10 years ago having trained at Writtle College for three years and after achieving my 1, 2 and 3 grades City & Guilds qualification in Dog Grooming. I am now also fully qualified in specific breed grooms & show standard grooms. It is also me who would be collecting and delivering your pet if you opt for our collection and delivery service.

I am a mother of three and an animal lover. I have my own horse called ‘Ronnie’, he is a three quarter thoroughbred who I ride in Epping Forest as often as work allows, and I have always had a pet dog or two. Up until recently I had a Giant Shanauzer called Izzy and a Chiwawa/Jack Russell cross called Marshy …. they were really and truly the ‘odd couple’.

I personally trained both Natalie and Annabel in their practical grooming whilst they studied for their qualifications in the usual manner so we are all able to groom to a very high standard. We are all very knowledgeable with regard to animal health (I did my time as a veterinary nurse) and we are all very happy to offer advice and suggestions with regard to your pet if required.

Obviously some of you reading this will already be bringing your pet to Mutz Kutz and for that I thank you so very much but to those who are new to Mutz Kutz I would say … please give us the opportunity to show you not only our skills in grooming but also the amount of love, care and attention we can give your pet whilst with us … you will not be disappointed.

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