Neil’s Dogwash

Who we are…
The Neil’s Dogwash team has a love and passion for dogs and making them look and smell beautiful with our careful and patient mobile dog wash and dog grooming services.

What we do…
By coming to your home in our mobile grooming parlour, it means that your dog has our undivided attention, allowing for a relaxed and comfortable grooming experience.

How we do it…
We provide the highest quality in Mobile Dog Grooming services where we come to you in our fully kitted out mobile dog parlour. We do all the work and clean-up after ourselves, so you and your pooch have a relaxing hassle-free experience.

Unique Dog Grooming
As mobile dog groomers, Neil’s Dogwash offers a unique dog grooming service. With their stylish mobile parlour, they have the ability to come to your own home and groom your precious pet.

With a specially converted and heated van, they make the service as quick and comfortable as possible, all for the benefit of your dog.

As a team of passionate, dog lovers with over 10 years experience in dog grooming, you can be assured that they’ll provide your dog with the utmost care and attention, keeping them calm and safe at all times. You even have the option to accompany your dog in the mobile parlour too!

Mobile Dog Grooming Services
The fully insured groomers at Neils Dogwash, provide a range of high-quality services that will have your dog looking and feeling like a million dollars.

Some of their services include:

Full Clips/Trims

Washing and Drying

Flea Treatment

Coat Conditioning


Nail Clipping

Peace of Mind
Neil’s Dogwash know that you care deeply about your dog and you probably adore it like a family member. That’s why they promise you peace of mind by providing a service that has your dogs comfort and safety at heart.

When booking in for a service with Neil’s Dogwash, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

✔️ Convenient mobile service (No travelling to and from the parlour)

✔️ Less stress for your dog

✔️ One to one grooming

✔️ Dogs are never caged!

✔️ All products used are 100% natural

✔️ All dog groomers are trained to the highest standard

✔️ Feel free to accompany your dog into the mobile parlour



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