Pampered Paws Glasgow

We simply do what we do for the love of dogs.
Hello and welcome to Pampered Paws Glasgow. We are a firmly established, professional dog grooming salon, situated in the West of Glasgow.

We provide a friendly professional service focusing solely on making your pet look and feel their best. Our hand selected staff have extensive experience not only in dog grooming but in many other aspects of canine care, providing peace of mind for you and a safe environment for your pet while being groomed.
Pampered Paws has been established since 2001 and was taken over by Arlene in 2011, Arlene trained at Scotgroom in Carluke in 2009 and after doing some work experience at other Salons decided to settle at Pampered Paws finally taking over the business in 2011.

The current team have worked and trained under Arlene for a number of years and are a testament to the continued success and reputation of the Salon.

We provide a number of dog grooming services in our Glasgow salon.

This is the complete pamper treatment: Bath, brush and hand dried with our professional products and equipment. Ears cleaned, nails cut, pad hair removed, coat clipped and hand scissored to client’s preference.

Bath, brush and hand dried, ears cleaned, nails clipped, pad hair removed, face, feet and sanitary areas trimmed.

Bath, brush and hand dried, ears cleaned and nails cut as necessary. This service is provided for those who wish to maintain a medium to longer length style on their pet and avoid matting in between full and mini grooms.

Similar to the Bath ‘n’ Brush with the added bonus of a deshedding treatment. This is especially designed to help with the blowing out of a double-coated breed and short-haired breeds that now cast for most of the year. This treatment will most definitely help cut down on the vacuuming.



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