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Welcome to Pampered Pets dog grooming, owned and run by myself Laura I aim to offer the highest pet grooming experience, in a home based parlour. Your pet will be cared for in a calm, relaxed and safe environment to ensure they have the ultimate pampering session!

Unlike some dog grooming parlours I only have one dog or family group at a time which means no waiting around in cages before or after you dogs pamper with the added bonus that the parlour is kept quiet and peaceful for shy or nervous dogs. I also know everyone has busy lives therefore I offer weekend and evening appointments.

At Pampered Pets we welcome all breeds of all shapes and sizes and have specialist equipment to make your pets experience stress free, I am based in Crawley.

Bath and brush appointments:
A bath and brush appointment is perfect for freshen up in-between full groom appointments or for those owners who are unable to bath their own dogs or whose dogs are too large to bath at home.
It’s simply a bath, blow dry and quick brush through to give that fluffy clean look.

​Small breeds – £17
Medium breeds – £24
Large breeds – £37
​X-large breeds – £35

Full Groom Package
A full style breed specific pet groom includes a full health check, nail trim, cleans cleaned/plucked of excess hair, bathed in natural shampoos, fluff dried with professional dryer, clipped or sissored to owners preferred style and finished off with a spray of perfume to keep that clean smell for days after their pamper.
Prices start from as little as £22 depending on breed and size of your pet.

Puppy introduction groom:
This package includes everything to get your puppy use to the grooming process they will have their first nail trim,ears cleaned, a bath, blow dry, face trim if needed and finished off with a spray of perfume
We will allocated extra time for your puppy’s first session with us, to ensure he or she is fully confident with all of the new surroundings and noises that they will experience at our grooming parlour
We welcome your puppy as soon as they have had their final vaccination.
Available for puppies up until 6 months and cost £20.

Nail Trimming:
We offer the option to simply have your pets nails trimmed. Nails will be filed after trimming. Available for cats and small animals too simply bring them to the parlour much less stressful than the vets.
Price for nail trim – £7



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