Pampered poochies dog and cat grooming studio

We are a dog and cat grooming service. We were established in 1997. We can be a mobile service to where we groom your dog or cat in the comfort of there own home. I have been grooming since 1993 with years of experience help and handy tips on grooming.

We are only a call or text away and always glad to help where we can. We do a full service from a wet bath with a conditioning treatment, we clip nails, check clean and remove hair from ears and any style of grooming and trimming your pet may needs. We also do show trimming and hand stripping as well

Wet bath, de-flee, conditioner treatment. Nothing else, suitable for dogs that need a clean up between grooming appointment.

Winter Wash
For dogs that come home full of mud from there walk ~ wet bath with conditioner, blow dry, spritz spray, leaving your Poochies smelling lovely well until the next muddy walk.

Wet bath and conditioning treatment with a blow dry and mini groom, it helps to keep on top of the coat between full works appointment ideal for Cockapoos, Bishpoos and most fluffy Poochies. inc nails and ears and spritz spray.

The full works service is a golden service. Starts with a brush out, wet bath and conditioning treatment, nails checked and cut if needed, ears are checked, cleaned and hair removed if needed. Any style of grooming or trimming needed from a show trim to hand stripping finished with a spritz spray added extras are little bows added to there collars and a doggy goody bag full of your pets favourite sweets.

Doggy Head Massage & Doggy Facials

Just nails can be cut while you wait.



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