Paw-Fect Dog Grooming

Based in Thornton – Cleveleys, Lancashire.
I groom your dog in my own home, treating your dog like my own. I can also pick up and drop off your pet.

I love animals; especially the canine variety! I’m a qualified groomer (ABC Professional Dog Grooming Level 3) having trained at Myerscough College.

My passion for dog grooming developed as I learned to take care of my own dogs
I bath, hand strip, clipper, wash, dry and scissor. I am completely sympathetic to your requirements

Rates and Services
These are standard prices and may vary depending on the size and condition of your dog and the style required. Small to medium size dogs groomed.

Complete Grooming Package – From £25
paw Bathing with shampoo specific to your dogs needs.
paw Hand/fluff drying, brushing and de-matting ensuring your dog is tangle free.
paw Clipping to breed style or customer’s choice. Scissoring for a stylish, sharp finish.
paw Finish with a coat conditioner.

Hand Stripping – From £35
Certain breeds have a wire type coat. Hand stripping is the process of removing the dead fur from the coat by hand.

Wash and Dry – From £15 depending on the size and condition of your dog.

Dry Grooming Package – From £20
paw Brushing, dematting, ensuring your dog is tangle free.
paw Clipping to breed style or to customer’s requirements. Scissor finish with a coat conditioner or a scent doggie spritz to ensure sweet smells last longer.

Quick face, claws and paws – From £15
paw Trim and tidy face
paw Trim and tidy paws
paw Finish with a coat conditioner

Trim Claws – £7



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