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About Me
Welcome to Paw Prints Dog Grooming. My name is Mandy and i am the proud owner of Paw Prints ​Dog Grooming. I have trained at Sparsholt College and hold city and guilds qualifications in dog grooming as well as being trained in canine first aid. I provide a complete grooming experience tailored to you on a 1 to 1 basis. I love to make every visit as pleasant and enjoyable as possible for you and your fur baby. I have trained to a very high standard and I constantly keep up to date with new trends. My dog grooming services are suitable for all dogs including puppies, nervous and anxious dogs. I have flexible working hours and i am fully insured so your beloved pet will always be in safe caring hands.

Before your Groom
Before your groom takes place a consultation will be needed and a health check will always be given before each groom. Although i am not a vet, i have enough experience to check over your dog during the grooming experience and will report to you anything i find that may need veterinary treatment. You will also need to fill in a consent form containing yours and your dogs details.

Bath N Go
Offering a Bath N Go service,
Consists of bathing in a hydrobath and a rough dry towel drying or a quick blaster dry, using shampoos specifically designed for your pets coat type. I can also administer veterinary prescribed shampoos if necessary…
From £10

Full Groom
Full Groom beginning with a consultation followed by a health check. Grooming will include bathing drying, blasting, brushing, styling, scissoring, clipping, ear cleaning/plucking and nail clipping etc
Small dog From £25
Medium Dog From £35
Large Dog From £45
X Large Dog from £55

Puppy Package
Puppies should be introduced to the groomers from as early as possible (around 12 weeks after jabs etc) so they can get into the grooming routine. There is so much for them to learn here, that again, takes time. Their first visit will just be a groom and bath, and anything else they are happy for me to do, second visit a little bit more and so on. By the time the puppy is 6 months old, providing they have visited regularly, they will be settled into the routine and ready for their first full haircut. Puppies keep their baby coat until they are around 2 years old, when they will then develop their full adult coat, not as fluffy, finer and easier to manage/maintain.
From £15

Nail Clipping
Offering a Nail Clipping service to clip your dogs nails keeping them nice and short. Including dew claws. This is carried out on every appointment and in between appointments too if necessary.
From £8

A de-matting service is available, although this may not be suitable for dogs of a nervous highly strung disposition where it may be kinder to your pet to clip them off and start again. Repeated
de-matting will NOT be carried out as this is very stressful to your pet. Home grooming and regular appointment’s must be maintained. If your dog is matted then a fee will be applyed.



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