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Hi, my name is Deborah and welcome to PawBliss Dog Grooming, a friendly and caring dog grooming service. I offer full groom and styles for all breeds, taking into consideration your personal preferences.
PawBliss Dog Grooming is run from my home in Ainsworth, Bolton and is a professional, clean, safe environment for your dog. It contains all the latest equipment to assist in making your dog’s grooming experience as comfortable and as safe as possible.

I follow the British Dog Groomers’ Association code of practice in providing the highest standards of animal welfare and customer care. All Animals are fully insured while in my care and I am happy to offer any advice regarding the important home grooming of your dog in between professional grooms.
PawBliss Dog Grooming is here when you need it, whether it’s for a quick nail trim, bath and brush, puppy pamper or adult dog full groom.
Please be assured your dog will get lots of cuddles and reassurance while in my care and I always have doggy treats ready for that extra bit of praise.


Full Groom: includes 2 shampoo washes plus conditioner, coat dried and full fluff/brush-out untangling minor knots, claws+pads trimmed, ears cleaned/plucked, coat styled to breed standard or owners request and doggy cologne to finish.
Toy dogs(smooth, wire-haired coats) – from £30
Toy dogs(curly/wool, silky/long, double coats) – from £35
Small dogs(smooth, wire-haired coats) – from £35
Small dogs(curly/wool, silky/long, double coats) – from £40
Medium dogs(smooth, wire-haired coats) – from £40
Medium dogs(curly/wool, silky/long, double coats) – from £45
Large dogs(smooth, wire-haired coats) – from £45
Large dogs(curly/wool, silky/long, double coats) – from £50

Smooth, wire coats breed examples: cavalier, pug, french bulldog, chihuahua, jack russel, border terrier, westie, parsons terrier.
Curly/wool, double, long coat breed examples: poodle, bichon frise, shihtzu, lhasa apso, border collie, retriever, spaniel, schnauzer + breed mixes in this category.

Bath+Brush: includes 2 shampoo washes plus conditioner, coat dried and full fluff/brush-out untangling minor knots and doggy cologne to finish.
Toy dogs (smooth, wire coats) – from £20
Toy dogs (curly/wool, double, long coats) – from £25
Small dogs (smooth, wire coats) – from £25
Small dogs (curly/wool, double, long coats) – from £30
Medium dogs (smooth, wire coats) – from £30
Medium dogs (curly/wool, double, long coats) – from £35
Large dogs (smooth, wire coats) – from £35
Large dogs (curly/wool, double, long coats) – from £40

Puppy pamper: – from £25
Puppy pamper (available up to 6 months): Staged pampers to introduce your puppy to professional grooming and undertaken over several visits: Warm bath using mild shampoo. Fluff dry with the dryer set on low. Ears gently cleaned. Tips taken off claws. Paws tidied. Coat trimmed as necessary.
Other services:
Eye trim – £7
Face trim – £12
Claws clipped – £7
Claws clipped & Paw tidy – £12
Ear plucking & cleaning – £7
Tick Removal – £7 per tick



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