Pawgeous Mobile Dog Grooming

Hi, I am Tracey and I own Pawgeous Mobile Dog Grooming.

With all my years of pampering dogs, there isn’t much that I haven’t encountered. Dogs coming out of the sea covered in seaweed and sand, to those rolling in cowpats.

I have supported dog rescues in the UK and abroad, where I have seen how so many dogs have been ill-treated. It is heart-breaking to see this and is why I provide a personal approach to all the dogs in my care. I have cared for dogs with allergies, skin problems and even “angry” dogs, and yet there is not much that can’t be made better with a good cuddle and clean.

I am lucky that my job is my passion… Not many people can say that with their work!
My compassion, working with dogs makes it so much easier. They respond as you need them to, and they enjoy the grooming experience so much better. My love of dogs also gives me a helping hand when it comes to working with yours!

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