About Us

We are a friendly, reliable, trusted team of animal lovers dedicated to looking after other people’s pets whenever they may need help. We’ve all grown up with pets and worked with them in one way or another over the years. Altogether we: have travelled the world volunteering for animal welfare groups; worked along side vets and vet nurses; worked in vet practices; are studying to be vets; studied animal sciences; are pet first aid trained; trained as dog trainers and more!

We strive to offer 5 star service to all our clients and promise to take the best possible care we can of your pet. Your pet/s’ safety, health and happiness are our top priorities!

What is included in a “full” dog groom…
Lovely warm bath and shampoo
Blow dry
Brush out of the coat (where necessary)
Full coat clip or hand strip
Hygiene trim
Basic ear clean
Nail clip (if necessary)
Cologne/perfume spray

Our grooming services and prices…
The cost of a groom can only be confirmed once we have seen the size of the puppy/dog, the length and condition of their coat and taken any specific requests from the parent.

Puppy Introductory Groom from £20
Wash and Dry from £20
Nail Clipping £8
Full Groom from £40
Full Groom with Hand Stripping from £45 (not currently available)
De-matting only £10 per 30min
We offer a free drop off service if you live within our catchment area and can also collect your dog for a small extra fee of £5.



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