Pawsons Dog Grooming Salon & Spa

Let us tell you a little about ourselves

We are located in Beltinge, Herne Bay Kent and provide a variety of services from a quick wash and nail clip to a more extensive spa pampering session, full groom.
We are two sisters, Lisa & Joanne, who have grown up in Herne Bay. We have always been around dogs due to our grandparents owning a boarding kennels and helping out whenever we could. We would often walk, brush and cuddle the boarders and help with socialising rescue dogs for re-homing. Our love for dogs has never left us and we decided we wanted to pursue a career that would bring us back to our passion.
We have a Level 3 OCN qualification in Dog Grooming, Canine First Aid and are fully insured. we also trained in Canine Body Language to assist with reducing anxiety and stress for dogs that are not keen on the grooming process.
We provide a calm, relaxed stress-free environment and go at your dogs pace to ensure that they are comfortable during the grooming process.

Puppy Grooms
Introduce your puppy to the sights, sounds and smells of a dog grooming salon. The groom includes a bath, dry, brush and tidy-up. And lots of cuddles, love and playtime.

Full Groom
1 to 1 grooming that reduces stress of your dog and focuses on them. The groom is tailored to each individual dog and their specific needs. The groom includes bath, blow-dry, fluff or brush, clip or scissor, hygiene trim and nail clip. And most importantly lots of love and attention.

Spa Packages
A treat for our best friends, consists of a full groom with the additional benefits of a facial, pawdicure and teeth treatment. And lots of love and cuddles to make them feel extremely special.

Hand Stripping
1 to 1 hand strip groom tailored to the individual dog and their specific needs. The groom includes hand strip, bath, blow dry, brush, general tidy up and nail clip.



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