Pepper’s Dog Grooming

Why choose Pepper’s Dog Grooming

Here at Pepper’s Dog Grooming, your beloved dog will be treated like our own.

On arrival your dog will be given a general health check, including coat and skin condition, eyes, ears, and paws.

Working on a one to one basis, your dog is given lots of love and attention.

Here at Pepper’s Dog Grooming, we use a range of different shampoos to suit your dogs needs. Each groom is finished with a spritz of fragrance spray to help keep your dog smelling sweet for even longer. To add a special touch to your dogs groom we add a hand cut Bandana- free with every groom, made by yours truly!

Having over 12 years of knowledge and skill, so I can accommodate to almost any style you would like your dog to have.

Our treat jar is always kept well stocked too, as it’s very handy being situated right next to a pet shop.

A wide range of different services including:

Short haired breeds: bath, blow dry, de-shed, nail clipping and ear cleaning

Long haired breeds: bath, blow dry, ear cleaning, nail clipping, brush out, clipping (breed dependent), scissoring.

Tailoring each groom to yours and your dogs specific need.

We offer a walk-in service for nail clipping or you can call to book in- whatever suits you best.

We also offer in-between grooms, including trimming in front of the eyes, paw trim, nail clip and sanitary trim.

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