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Hello, I have a fully equipped grooming trailer with a warm hydrobath and hairdryer, to help remove excess hair, relieve itchy skin and doggy odours. I have a passion for our animal friends and enjoy making them smell nice, leaving their coat clean and in good condition for a stress free experience and a happy dog.

I had the opportunity to shadow another dog groomer with the well established ‘The Pooch Mobile’, and from their thorough training, support and work experience I have learnt the methods of being a professional dog groomer.

Being ardent with learning grooming in work and my spare time, I am now fully trained and experience in handling and grooming all types of breeds, large and small giving a first class wash and groom to your dog. I am also CRB checked and fully insured

The trailer is design to make your pooch feel comfortable by its open layout. I come to you, which lets you stay at home for your dog to be clean huggable and ready to play in no time at all.
As well as training with the Pooch Mobile I have recently finished a NCFE level 3 Dog Grooming Course.

​Our Services
De Matting & De Shedding
Nail Clipping
Ears & Eyes Cleaned
Health Check
Hydrobath Spa

Price starts from £21 (depending on the Dog)

I have a fully equipped mobile grooming van, specially equipped to give your pooch the ultimate wash and groom with a luxury spa hydrobath. The van has a dog guard so your pooch can have a peak outside while being groomed.

​The hydrobath is heated with fresh water and natural shampoos, and coat conditioner to keep your pooch’s coat clean and relieve skin problems.

A dog hair dryer to dry your pooch’s coat and skin, to lift out further dead hair.

​Nail clipping to keep your pooch’s feet in shape, ears and eyes hygienically cleaned.

Doggy deodoriser

​​Paw Pedicure

​​Blueberry Facial Spa

​Coat trimming and general clipping if required



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