Pooches Mobile Dog Grooming Blackpool

Hi I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jacqui and I run Pooches Mobile Dog Wash & Grooming Service in and around Blackpool. This is our 10th year of service and we have seen thousands of happy and clean Pooches during that time, many of them repeat customers.

We have worked with all breeds and sizes of dog, from the cutest Pug right the way through to a (very) wooly Irish Greyhoud/StBernard cross, so we are confident that both you and your pooch will love our service
We come to you in our fully converted Mobile Grooming Salon. Less Stress for you and your pet. All work is undertaken in the mobile salon. All we need to do is park outside your home or workplace and all the washing, grooming clipping and drying is all undertaken in the mobile salon.

The mobile grooming salon is fitted with a specialised dog grooming hydro bath (suitable for all breeds and sizes) and all the equipment need to to give your pet the best possible experience ever.
We cover all of Blackpool and The Fylde Coast and don’t forget we come to you. Let us take the stress of dog washing and grooming away from you.

Our services include:

A full Top to Tail grooming service;
brushing de-matting
shampoo & blow dry
teeth and ears and nails or just a quick make over,then beautifully styled to breed standard or any variation you choose using electric clippers or hand scissoring.
We use aromatherapy in the Dog Grooming area to help calm their anxieties.



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