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Your dog is your world so treat them to the highest standards of grooming and spa treatments at Pooches Palace. Established in 2018 in Sunderland, our mission is to provide a truly unique and high standard unlike other groomers with extra benefits to ensure that your dog is truly spoiled.

As we’re experts in dog grooming, we can provide the full service to give your dog a full, well-deserved overhaul to a professional standard for a fraction of the price of others. This also goes hand in hand with our spa treatments which gives a unique twist to some of the mainstream treatments.

What makes us different is that we’re fully trained with the advantage of being able to understand and adapt to dogs’ personalities whether they’re nervous, anxious or just excited. We know the best way to approach them and to groom them to give a cut above the rest.

Full Groom
A full groom includes a full body bath, blow dry, full brush out, a cut and style suited to your dog, a face trim, ear clean and perfumed, nail clip, foot trim and a clean of the hygiene area.

Half Groom
Our half groom includes a full body bath, blow dry, full brush out, face trim, ear clean, a foot trim, nail clip and a clean of the hygiene area.

Face Trim
We trim your dog’s face as well as the eyes.

Nail Clip
All nails of the dog to be carefully cut and tidied up.

The Puppy Introduction to Grooming Pack
This includes a puppy bath, a sensitive dry, a careful ear clean, nail clip, a hygiene area clean and a face trim.

In addition to this, we introduce your puppy to the sensation of dog sheers without removing any fur. This is a good way to allow your dog to get used to the sensation as well as to reduce their anxiety for future trims. It will be second nature for them with Pooches Palace.

Our Pawdicure will remove all hair from the pads with a careful massage with oatmeal paw butter to prevent cracked paw pads, a nail trim and to top it off, nails painted if you wish.

Our blueberry facial is perfect if you’re getting a face trim.
This facial includes an eye cleanse, ear cleanse, face trim and nose treatment to prevent your dog from getting a cracked nose. We generally do this as a dry treatment. If your dog is getting a bath, we’ll include blueberry facial scrub to this treatment.

Looking to give your pooch that added extra? Why not grow your pooches hair to wear a bow to make them look like the most pampered pooch? We will work our magic to apply a bow to your pooches hair.

Our dead sea mineral mud treatment is great for coat de-shredding on smooth coated dogs.
Our soothing skin treatment contains Argan Oil to keep your dog’s coat looking silky and shiny whilst being perfect for dogs with skin complaints.
This conditioning treatment is massaged into your dog’s coat and left so the coat and the skin can absorb the nutrients necessary for a silky coat.

This treatment helps to remove most of your dog’s dead coat (reducing how much your dog drops around the house and your clothes). The treatment is very popular with smooth coated breeds such as Pugs, Bulldogs, Jack Russell Terriers, Boxers as well as non-moulting breeds with longer coats as it helps condition the coat to prevent it tatting or matting.​

Improve your dog’s overall whiteness with a rich and conditioning colour enhancing shampoo for your pooch. Perfect for Bichon Fries, Poodle, West Highland Terrier & Maltese breeds.



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