Pooches’n’Poodles Dog Grooming

A Caring One to One Dog Grooming Service
Poodles ‘n’ Pooches are pleased to provide the ultimate pet grooming experience for you and your pet. We offer one to one personalised pampering and treatments for your pet, either in my home or yours. My Dog Grooming service covers Bromley, Beckenham, Orpington, North Kent and South East London.

I work on an appointment only basis, so every dog has individual care and attention they deserve. My only priority is your pet’s welfare and happiness. I rely on their trust rather than restraints or tie–ups as I am aware that many pets have had a negative experience of grooming.
My personal philosophy is that grooming should be a pleasurable experience. So I always allow time for rest and cuddles during grooming.

A Poodles and Pooches Full Dog Groom Consists of a Head to Toe Treatment
Full gentle brush out using a variety of tools
Ears are cleansed and plucked if necessary
Anal glands are checked for health and hygiene
Tidying of the paws, around and under the pads
Tidying of the sanitary areas

Dog Grooms are styled to owner’s wishes this can be either City & Guilds breed standard or your own style.
Grooming includes

Hand Stripping, depending on the texture of the coat
Clipping, depending on the style
Thinning and/or Scissoring, depending on style
Nails clipped
Extra Special Care is given to dogs with sensitive skin and allergies.

Other treatments include;

Body Massaging
Treatment washes – Veterinary, Flee and Insecticidal
Ear cleaning
Nail clipping
Pedicures – Nails clipped, trimming of hair around the feet
and between the pads. This stops them sliding around.



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