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Dog grooming professional, Amy, began her career in dog grooming at the age of 18 which then spiralled off into her opening her own salon at the age of 19. From a young age, Amy has always dreamed of becoming a dog groomer who one day would have her own salon!

Alongside working with dogs in a naturally gifted way, Amy also works massively alongside horses on a daily basis and can handle animals that prove to be difficult with such ease.

​Amy is extremely passionate when it comes to working with all animals and gives them so much time and patience to allow them to feel settled and comfortable in order for her to work alongside them.

​At Posh Paws by Amy only the very best ranges of shampoo-ing and conditioning products are used to ensure your pets receive the most spectacular groom! They have the most beautiful fragrances and we have a wide range to suit all skin and coat types. All of our products are gentle on the skin to prevent irritation however prescription shampoos can be brought with you to your appointment.

​The professional equipment used at Posh Paws by Amy is all up to date, such as the hydraulic table that decends to the floor for larger breeds to easily and comfortably step on and off reducing any joint pressure and strain from jumping up and down. Our dryers also vary in speed and noise meaning that depending upon the dog, we can limit the noise and speed levels to suit your pets making them at ease throughout their grooming process.


Fullgroom – 4-8 weeks
The fullgrooming service includes a complete visual healthcheck, 2 fabulously scented shampooing treatments, 1 silky conditioning treatment, a warm full body blow dry, a full brush out, a complete coat trim, tidy and style, all loose/dead hair removal, pads trimmed, nails trimmed, hygiene tidied, ears plucked and cleaned.

​Health Check
A visual health check will be carried out on your pet to determine if they may have anything abnormal that may need checked over by the vet. The health check covers: mouth, nose, eyes, ears, body, feet and hygiene areas.

Handstripping is a service that can be carried out on dogs with a suitable coat type, for example: Cairn Terriers, Lakeland Terriers and Schnauzers. Handstripping is more costly than clipping and styling however dogs that are handstripped rather than clipped will only require handstripping once every 6 months. Contact us to gain more information about handstripping.

​Puppy Groom
At Posh Paws by Amy we recommend that puppies are brought into the grooming salon as soon as they are able to go for walks after all of their vaccinations. This allows them to get used to all of the grooming procedures from a very young age allowing them to relax and enjoy their grooms when they’re older. To qualify for the intorductory puppy groom they must be 6 months old or under and only one introductory puppy groom is available per each puppy. The puppy groom includes; 2 thorough washes in our gentle puppy shampoo specially created for puppies delicate skin, a warm full body blow dry, face and feet tidied up, pads trimmed, nails trimmed, hygiene tidied, ears plucked and cleaned.

​Bath only
If you feel like you are struggling to keep up with the maintenance of your pet’s coat in-between appointments we offer a bath only service. Your dog will receive; 2 fabulously scented shampoo-ing treatments, a full brush out, pad trim and face trim if necessary.

​Face Trim
If in-between your fullgroom appointments you feel like the hair that grows infront of your dog’s eyes is obstructing their vision, you can pop them in for their face to be tidied up. All of the untidy hair infront on their eyes and over their nose will be cut back and a slight trim under their chin if necessary.

​Nail Clip
All nails – including dew claws – will be clipped on all 4 feet.

This is a service offered depending on the age of the dog alongside the temperament and the condition of the coat. Pricing does vary as we work according to the time taken so usually can give a rough pricing guide however not a set price. If the matting is too far gone, we do recommend that the dog is fully clipped off to allow the coat to regrow back. This is the easiest and most kind way to deal with matting however sometimes matting can be brushed out.

We are making all of our clients aware of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 – this Act clearly states that any unneccessary harm or stress to an animal when there is an alternative kinder option is not allowed.

Our prices vary depending upon coat type, coat length, coat condition, the size and the temperament of the dog. Matting will also be taken into consideration.

Fullgroom – 4-8 weeks – starting from £16 and ranging through to £80
(varies depending on breed, size and coat condition)

​Handstripping – starting from £45

​Puppy grooms – starting from £25
(may vary depending on age)

​Bath only – £10 less than usual fullgroom price

​Face trim only – £5 small breeds and £7 large breeds

​Nail clip only – £5 per dog

​De-matting will be charged at an hourly rate of £15 ontop of the fullgroom price.

Severely matted dogs that require a full body clip off will be charged an extra £10 matting fee ontop of their fullgroom price.

If fleas or ticks are found on your dog there will be a £5 added fee ontop of the fullgroom price.



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