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Just a little about me ……
After 20 years of being a Teacher, I wanted a change of career. I decided to combine my love of dogs with my creative skills and train to be a qualified dog groomer. I trained at an amazing dog grooming school/vetinary hospital called Anrich in Wigan. I set up a small salon from my home in Walton le dale and set about finding lovely clients that love their dogs as much as I love mine. I am different to other salons, as I’m flexible with appointment times to fit around those clients with busy lives. I groom one dog at a time and ensure dogs come into a calm and clean environment.

Posh Paws at Walton Park is your local dog grooming specialist offering exceptional dog grooming services. I am fully trained and qualified to groom dogs of all ages and breeds. You can count on me for professional clipping, de-shedding and scissor techniques. With many years of experience handling dogs, I understand their behaviour which means I can put nervous dogs at their ease, making the grooming experience a happy one. I ensure that grooming takes place in a calm environment so that your pooch can feel pampered.

Puppy Introduction sessions
Puppies 2 – 6 months old
Bath, fluff dry, brush & introduction to grooming equiptment
per session

Bath and brush
Bathed, fluff dried, brushed and spritz of doggie perfume
£15 – £25
depending on size

Mini groom
Bath, fluff dry, brush,
ears cleaned, face and paw tidy with scissors finished with a spritz of doggie perfume
£25 – £45
depending on size

Triple deshedding for hairy dogs
Bath with shampoo & conditioner, deshed x3, fluff dry, claws clipping and a spritz of doggie perfume
£25 – £45
Depending on size and coat type

Full groom
Bath, fluff dry, clipper work,
scissor work, ear cleaning and pluck (if required) claw clipping, paws trimmed and spritz of doggie perfume.
From £30



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