Posh Pets

At Posh Pets, we’re experts when it comes to looking after your dog & cats grooming needs

From bathing to clipping and styling to nail trimming, we’re fully equipped to help your dog or cat look their best and lead a happy, healthy life. From Labradors to Labradoodles, from Persian to Siamese, we welcome our pedigree visitors and cross-breeds alike.

Your dog or cat is never worked on continuously. Your pet is the client, and we accommodate for all breeds and temperaments of dog and cat so they enjoy the grooming experience.

Professional, qualified staff
Fantastic personal service
Expert Styling
All breeds welcome
Full Insured
Bathing, clipping, nail trimming
Bespoke hand made pet products available – collars, coats and more
Member of the British Dog Grooming Association & Pet Care Trust
Our friendly staff are all dog & cat lovers and at Posh Pets, we love providing a high quality service for our visitors. That’s why many of our customers come back time and again to take advantage of our services



We found 13 online reviews for this dog groomer with an average score 3.9.


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