Prestige Paws Dog Grooming & Styling Lounge.

Here at Prestige Paws Dog Grooming & Styling Lounge, based in Boothstown, Worsley, Greater Manchester we understand that your pooch wants to be the talk of the town. Therefore I have developed a service that both you and your beloved doggy have never experienced before. Also at a competitive price, here at Prestige Paws we are sure that you will be thrilled with not just the service, but the experience that we offer. A place where your pooch will be taken care of by only the best! Our team of fully qualified ‘Dog Stylists’ have achieved the acclaimed City and Guilds Level 3 Professional Dog Grooming Standards from various acclaimed ‘Groom Schools’ from across the country. We are all also fully qualified in pet first aid and pet behaviour training.

Alongside running the Prestige Paws operation, I also hold the position of a long haul flight attendant for a world renowned major airline. Here I have been lucky enough to be trained to the highest levels of service and showing that looking after people and their loved ones really is my forté. After all ‘it’s the detail that counts’. So come on down and try Prestige Paws as your new Dog Styler.

​Bath, Brush & Blow Dry

Small: from £15.00
Medium: from £17.50
Large: from £20.00

​The Mini-Groom Package

Small: from £20.00
Medium: from £25.00
Large: from £30.00

The Ultimate Full Groom Package

Small: from £30.00
Medium: from £35.00
Large: from £45.00



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